The cables and wires sector lays tremendous stress on safety, because without safety, gaining the trust of customers is impossible. Most power cord manufacturing and distribution companies recognize the importance of safe and high-performance wire.

Certifications and standards are of utmost importance for wire harness manufacturing and assembly firms. One such certification is issued by UL or Underwriters Laboratories, which is a certification and safety consultancy. It is one of the companies that have approvals to take up testing of products such as wires and cables by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a federal body.

The UL standards for cable and wire include:

  • UL 2556, Cable and wire testing methods
  • UL 758, Appliance wiring
  • UL 62, Flexible cables and cords
  • UL 817, Power supply cord and cord sets

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Benefits of UL listing

A wire harness manufacturing or power cord distribution firm will do well to work with a safety testing and certification company such as UL because quality is one of the most important factors in the industry. Cables should be compliant with a range of requirements to ensure safety of consumers or their property, from say, shocks or burns. Poor quality could also lead to fires and consequently damage to property or  lives. What’s more UL also helps customers get their products out into the market speedily by cutting down on testing that is redundant, thereby saving both costs and time for manufacturers and UL itself.  The testing company also differentiate a company’s products in the market.

UL Wire

Keeping a close watch

Underwriters Laboratories also make sure the market is under watch for counterfeit products or wires and cables that don’t comply with safety requirements. There are also inspection protocols to help manufacturers show them that they are committed to compliance and quality.

When a company distributes cables or wires that are UL listed, it means consumers can trust them. It also means that the company stays ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging standards and trends, and manages and mitigates risks. How’s that possible, you might wonder. UL certified companies stock compliant cables and wires, and also gathers guidance on constantly changing trends in the industry and regulations to stay on top.

As a consumer, you would need to understand that identification methods (of UL markings) vary from one kind of cable or wire to another. Usually, wherever it is possible, there is a marking on the product’s surface with the information required for correct installation.

Call a UL certified manufacturer for high-performance and safe cables and wires that are UL listed and compliant.