Kanban is a tool that can lead to efficiency in the business by uncovering problems in production process, work flow or any other process problem. Kanban can help businesses in many ways. But to implement Kanban, it is important to understand what it is and how it can help businesses.

What is Kanban?

Kanban is a system to make the work processes easier and efficient. It achieves this by focusing on the flow of production. If one part of the production process is not in flow then it can affect other areas and lead to business problems.

For instance, a big store dealing in grocery products needs a fresh stock of wholegrain cookies. But if this is not conveyed to the warehouse or the supplier on time or if the warehouse isn’t stocked with the product or the supplier is out of it too due to lack of communication then the business is getting affected as now there is insufficient quantities of the cookie to satisfy the demand for it.  This is just the most basic example. Imagine this for a big manufacturing unit and you will get an idea of the consequences to a business from lack of flow.

Kanban uses visual cards for maintaining the work-flow. But the system can be specific to your business as per your needs.

How to use Kanban for businesses?

  • Kanban is not a set of fixed processes that you have to implement to make your business more efficient. In fact, the best way to use Kanban is to implement it with your existing business processes so that you can better pinpoint flaws in the system and remedy the same.
  • To implement Kanban, first know the flaws in your business cycle and then visualize the new methods you want to achieve. This will help you adjust your business model to increase productivity, efficiency and profits.
  • The Kanban method is useless if everyone involved in the work-flow doesn’t understand it. It has to be a collaborative effort to be effective. You might understand the problems in your work-flow but unless your team does too, it is very difficult to get the desired results. Once your people understand how to work the Kanban method not only they will understand the requirements of the business better, but will also be able to come up with solutions for a better work-flow, increased profits and minimum risks.