Cables seem simple enough to buy. You just need to know the length and type and you are sorted. Value and quality is something we barely think about, in fact the project for which cables are required is worth way more than the actual cables so why put any thought into it. Wrong. We buying cables specifically made by a sub-contractor, we shall guide you on what to do and what not to do.

Weigh your choices carefully

First things first, check the supplier quotation. Most companies only print the manufacturing time and conveniently forget mentioning the lead time. The lead time must be mentioned in the quotation. The time it takes to acquire the parts, ensure that the quotation mentions the overall time.

So you think low cost alternatives are a better idea. Wrong again. Most companies suggest lower cost alternatives as a means to save money but do not opt for the cheaper version till the designer absolutely specifies so. The copper content, type and make up need to be taken into account as cheaper alternatives end up costing a lot more in the long run.

Most important of all if time constraints are a problem you should not skip the stage where you go through and approve samples. It is always easier to take the less time consuming way out like having a look at the pictures instead but the actual samples give you a clearer idea of sample assembly. Test it out to see if it works the way you want it to.  Again, if that seems like too much work, imagine having to rework everything because of assumptions based on pictures. The cost involved and unnecessary effort would just not be worth it. You will definitely be avoiding a lot of headache.

Skills, tools and guarantees

It is safe to assume that selling involves some form of exaggeration. Never take the company’s word at face value specifically where skills and tools are concerned. Everyone is different and that applies to cables as well. Take the times to discuss and iron out the processes and skills required for the job. Ensure that the work is up to the standard you want it to be. If the skills of the company cannot live up to your expectations it is best to drop them and give someone else a chance.

Next make sure that the company offers guarantees on their product. In fact, go one step ahead and ask for lead time guarantees. At times both parties involved just assume something or the other which comes to light when it is too late to undo any damage. Ensure that communication of all sorts is crystal clear and guarantees are in made in writing with the specific terms mentioned.

Keeping all of the above in mind when buying cables from sub contractors, will really help you in the long run in maintaining a harmonious and long term relationship.